Delivery Conditions:

The purchaser agrees to provide suitable roadways or approaches to points of delivery other than on paved streets. Seller reserves the right to stop deliveries if the roadway or approaches are unsatisfactory to him. If the Purchaser orders deliveries beyond the public roadway, the Purchaser shall secure all necessary permits.

The purchaser agrees to pay any and all costs of repairs necessitated by damage to the sellers trucks and/or equipment resulting from any cause whatever during the process of delivery on the work site or unloading other than negligence on the part of the Seller's employee or mechanical failure to the Seller's equipment.

The delivery is made subject to the following conditions:

No cancellations accepted after the dumpster is loaded on truck.

We assume no responsibility for damage incurred by our truck or cleanup of debris or mud on public or private roadway. When delivery is made "inside the lot line" at customer's request, damages in any manner to sidewalks, inside driveways, building, trees, shrubbery, etc. are at customer's risk.

Customers must provide suitable staging area for our trucks at place of delivery of dumpster.

Insurance: The Client agrees to obtain insurance which covers the dumpster in the event that damage is caused by adverse weather, ground movement, or other natural elements. Thompson's is not responsible for damage that may occur beyond Thompson's control.

Indemnity: Client agrees to indemnity and holds harmless Thompson's and its employees from any and all damages arising from Client's negligence either on or related to the job site.

Addendum to Contract: Client understands and agrees that any and all work requested by client in addition to items described above shall be considered a contract extra and will be billed to the client in accordance with Thompson's current rate schedule.

Payment for Services: Client agrees to pay upon delivery.

Overage Charges: Any additional overage charges are due when the dumpster is disposed of.

Collection Proceedings: In the event of collection proceedings, the Client agrees to pay all costs and fees, including but not limited to: attorney fees, agency fees, court costs and search and title fees.

Objections: Objections to any billing/invoice charge made as part of this contract must be made in writing within ten (10) days of the date of invoice/billing issuance.

Container Material: Appliances, tires and rims, and yard waste are not allowed in the dumpsters.